Dom Esposito and Tony Zecca can take you from “Talk to Results™”

You know the drill. You conduct an annual partners’ retreat (whether in-person or maybe this past year, by Zoom) and it all seems so promising. You and your partners generate good strategies, summarize them into a plan, assign roles for executing those actions, and then… nothing happens.

When everyone gets back to the office, day-to-day business takes over, and that well-intentioned plan is put on a shelf. One year later, you get back together again, and your business is still exactly where it was the year before.

So what can be done? Is there a way to actually make progress against the plan? Is it possible to ensure accountability for results? Is there a way to turn your plans into profits?

There is. And Dom Esposito and Tony Zecca have achieved it for many CPA firms ranging in size from $10 million to $200 million.

Experienced advising that extends beyond the retreat to facilitate better outcomes throughout the year

Using their unique “Talk to Results™” approach, Dom and Tony have facilitated retreats and successfully guided firms away from inaction on to satisfying outcomes. Drawing on their nearly 100 years of combined experience in the accounting business, they engage with CPA firms – both in-person and virtually – to coach, monitor and achieve progress against the plans devised during the retreat.

What makes the Esposito approach so different? It’s this: Dom and Tony don’t walk away from the execution of strategies once the retreat concludes. Instead, they will work with your senior team throughout the year, taking responsibility for implementing the plan, achieving your goals, and driving what was accomplished deep into your firm.

In short, they make it their job to single-mindedly focus on your future objectives, while you concentrate on all the day-to-day aspects of running your business. And they do all this with the welcome collaboration of senior management.

To learn more about how Dom Esposito and Tony Zecca can help you turn your retreat into real business returns, just reply to this email or call (203) 292-3277.

  • Brad Wagner
    “Much of my knowledge of practice management was obtained by reading your articles. Thanks so much for sharing. Much of the credit for our best of the best firms 2021 awards goes to you and Tony Zecca.”
    Brad Wagner
    Leading Partner of Wagner Duys & Wood
  • Robert J. Minkler, Jr., CPA/CGMA,  Managing Partner
    Just so you know how I view it, we feel like we are getting value out of the relationship. We think we’ve developed a good cadence over the last few years in utilizing your expertise and assistance in making sure we follow through on initiatives. It almost doesn’t matter what the estimate is at the beginning of the year. We feel like we are getting and will get further return on our investment in the fees we pay you.

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