Becoming a mid-market sustainable brand can be achieved through internal drivers and by implementing key growth strategies. ESPOSITO CEO2CEO are specialists in helping firms identify their market specialization, branding, geographic and service offering goals, and evaluating strategies to help them attain those objectives. But organic growth is not the only method of progressing a CPA firm’s reach. Considering a merger or acquisition may be a defining moment for you and your partners. ESPOSITO CEO2CEO has helped countless firms work through the decision process and integrate with other firms. Our process includes thoughtfully defining expectations, targeting just the right markets, identifying synergies, reviewing candidates, negotiation and post-merger integration.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Developing a concrete strategic plan is one of the building blocks for a firm’s growth. It is the footings that can help a firm elevate itself from being just a ‘good’ firm to being a mid-market sustainable entity with brand recognition. ESPOSITO CEO2CEO guides firms through plan development, envisioning the future, setting goals and charting a strategic course to reach them. But then what? Many CPA firms have built great plans for the future, but get so mired in running their business that they fail at the implementation of the actual strategies to achieve growth. ESPOSITO CEO2CEO understands that, and can step in to guide partners through the development of tactics, execution of those tools, and measurement and accountability against the plan.

Practice Management

With our team’s over 100 years combined experience managing and advising CPA firms, coupled with the partnerships we have formed, ESPOSITO CEO2CEO also helps practices by providing management services. As a boutique advisory firm consulting leading CPA and other professional services firms we can step in at any point in your firm’s journey toward growth to help you identify areas within your practice that require outsourced consulting and/or management. These could include the development of client sales and services tools, marketing, branding, identifying potential partners, succession planning, compensation structuring, performance management and compensation plans, and governance and operational support.

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Building a rock solid leadership model is the foundation for a firm’s growth. Having ineffective governance and operational models can hinder both organic growth and brand positioning. A governing partner group coupled with a senior operating leadership team can form the basis for a sustainable organization. But it takes a special blending of partner talents and specialties to create teams that complement and support each other – a mix that ESPOSITO CEO2CEO is well versed in crafting. We can help you formulate your leadership plan, structure your teams, identify group members and develop best practices and responsibilities for each group. We build models that foster growth, encourage success, cultivate harmony, nurture future leaders and allow partners to look forward.

  • Brad Wagner
    “Much of my knowledge of practice management was obtained by reading your articles. Thanks so much for sharing. Much of the credit for our best of the best firms 2021 awards goes to you and Tony Zecca.”
    Brad Wagner
    Leading Partner of Wagner Duys & Wood
  • Robert J. Minkler, Jr., CPA/CGMA,  Managing Partner
    Just so you know how I view it, we feel like we are getting value out of the relationship. We think we’ve developed a good cadence over the last few years in utilizing your expertise and assistance in making sure we follow through on initiatives. It almost doesn’t matter what the estimate is at the beginning of the year. We feel like we are getting and will get further return on our investment in the fees we pay you.

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